The Quick Guide To Getting Weeds Off Your Patio!

5 Tricks to Get Rid of Weeds on Your Patio that Actually Work - Inch Calculator

Instead of using the most tedious method of removing weeds from your patio (Pulling the weeds by hand). This fast guide will walk you through the best options for removing weeds between pavers, and then move to how to prevent weeds from growing in the cracks in the future.

The Boiling water method- A Quick simple method. Using boiling water acts as a cheap, natural and effective way for killing weed, seeds and other unwanted garden roots.

Other quick and simple methods include:


22 Benefits and Uses for Baking Soda

Using salt, or baking soda to fight against the growth of weeds on your patio in between the crevasses or cracks. The only negative to this method is these constraints must be reapplied regularly to maintain any weed-killing or preventive effects. This then can become a time consuming method and a frustrating process for many people.

Fastest method:



By far the fastest and most time efficient method to remove weeds off your patio is to utilise your brushcutter/strimmer with a wire strimmer head. Wire heads for bruschcutters makes short work of tidying up overgrown patio areas and is very effective on the removal of weeds and grass form cobble lock.Additionally, they are easy to install and disassembly on the trimmer equipment ,you just place the wire brush cutter head on the top bolts of your straight shaft trimmers, then use the gasket and nut to fixture, it can be operated well.

There are permanent methods to removing weeds such as using a herbicide. There are a lot of available herbicides on the market that will kill the weeds growing but most of them will be toxic and are best avoided. Chemical-laden herbicides can damage your property, These herbicides are very bad for the environment and your health, thus a safer and quick method are a lot of homeowners first choice.