At ISE we stock a massive range of both Stihl & Vortex strimmer lines.

This comparison review will outline the benefits of both strimmer lines and why they are the best lines currently on the market!

Stihl Trimmer Line

We stock a wide range of Stihl strimmer in multiple sizes and colours. They can come in both square and circle strimmer line with all trimmer lines made from strong polyamide plastic. It's a material which is abrasion-resistant, durably elastic and melt proof - ensuring optimum and enduring performance. This wear-resistant material retains elasticity in your strimmer line for a long time.

Many of the Stihl strimmer lines is designed with a spiral groove to ensure quieter and more conventional lines. Additional benefits of the spiral groove is the creation of better air flow.The trimmer line uses a custom blend of polymers to provide the line with strong abrasion resistance capabilities and flexibility over time.

In conclusion this makes the Stihl trimmer line Perfect for all types of Stihl Trimmers and Brushcutters.

Vortex Strimmer Line

At ISE we provide a Wide Variety of Vortex strimmer line of for All Models of grass strimmer's:)

Our Vortex line is conveniently cut and comes in a variety of sizes to suit different applications and is recognised as the strongest strimmer line on the market.

BENEFITS of our vortex strimmer line include Full mass line, less drag, longer wear, significant improvement in energy efficiency. Up to 50% noise reduction in larger diameter lines. Patented design. Increased RPMs allows use of larger diameter lines. decreased vibration and More impact power.

Extra benefits include stocking up on our larger vortex roles. Due to a larger diameter on these roles, these will increase the power and durability of the line, which leads to less breakage and wear-out. If you’re tackling heavy weeds, tough grass, nettles, and other such growth, it’s a good idea to invest in a heavy-duty strimmer cord. Sizes ranging from 2.4mm to 3mm should be sufficient for the task.

This cord is quite resilient and will handle a considerable amount of load, which makes it a good choice for heavy residential use. If the cord still breaks or becomes brittle, you might need commercial-grade strimmer cord ranging from 3.3mm to 4mm. These can handle a substantial load and help cut down tough grass or weeds regularly. They are useful against heavy thistles or brambles that easily break thinner cords.

Purchase a role of our amazing vortex strimmer line and you will be awarded a with a discount code to receive 20% off your next order with us!

To conclude there are major benefits to both our Stihl & Vortex Strimmer line with sizes and shapes to suit all makes and models of strimmer's and brushcutters. If you are unsure as to which trimmer line will best suit your model please do not hesitate to get in touch!