Petrol Hedge cutters

Petrol hedge cutters provide the most power and are the most suited hedge cutter when dealing with tough hedges. . They are usually powered by 2-stroke engines, which work in a slightly different way to your 4-stroke car or lawn mower engine. The petrol is mixed with 2-stroke oil which acts as an internal lubricator, instructions for mixing are given in the manual and with most models we send a free bottle of suitable oil to get you started. Without the power cord allows for greater a greater cutting freedom with the petrol models

Electric Hedge cutter

Electric hedge cutters provide a lighter and more efficient choice with easy start up motors. Additionally, they are a great alternative if the loud noise and smokiness of a petrol cutter is not for you. The only negative that comes with using an electric hedge cutter is the restrictive power cable, which becomes more pronounced and dangerous the further you get from the mains.

Cordless Hedge cutters

Cordless hedge cutters remove the element of danger of a wire when cutting hedges further away as they are rechargeable. This means they are lighter in weight in comparison to the electric but just as powerful as a petrol model. The new lithium-ion battery technology makes hedge cutting a dream. Lighter and longer lasting than standard batteries, lithium-ion technology has no self-discharge or memory effect and will keep their charge between cuts.