This Article will focus specifically on the Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Transplanting Trowel and why it is such a great product to utilise when doing your gardening!

What is a Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Transplanting Trowel??

The Wilkinson Sword hand trowel is a reliable tool because it is fitted with an epoxy coated carbon steel head and a comfortable wooden handle. It has a leather loop which means it may be hung up when not in use.

Hand trowel features include:

Epoxy coated carbon steel head.


Weather resistant wooden handle.


How comfortable is the Wilkinson Sword Transplanting Trowel?

This trowel maintains a light weight and is well balanced to ensure a comfortable use. The ergonomic handle is shaped, narrowing towards the head to sit securely in the hand.


Does this hand trowel have good performance?

This hand trowel has a maintains an easy cut through most soils because of it's rounded shape. This trowel would work best on the lighter soils as opposed to stoney, heavy soil. Additionally, this trowel is great for digging up garden weeds quickly and efficiently.


Is the Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Transplanting Trowel worth the price?

Without doubt!, this stainless The stainless-steel blade will resist rust and the wooden handle is weatherproofed for extra durability. This hand trowel comes at a great factory discounted price and can be an essential tool for your garden routine.